Lindsay Pearl Modeling Mask


Rubber mask are a advanced version compared to a regular sheet masks
and have been being used in most Korean skin spas and skincare shops.
The rubber modeling masks are provided in a cup type with an inclusive spatula
so that it is easy to use with great performance. Just pour water and mix it!

Major ingredient of rubber mask ‘Alginate’ transforms from a powder type
into gel texture when mixing with water. Lindsay modeling rubber mask,
blending of minerals, clays and botanicals, helps cleaning dead skin cells
and impurities.

How to use

Pour water into the rubber mask cup, up to the marked line, and mix well
with an inclusive spatula until it becomes a paste type.
Spread the paste on your dry skin evenly except eye and lip parts.
Wait for 15-20 minutes until mask becomes solid. Peel off the mask and
gently rinse off remaining parts on your face with water.